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And few are actually bearing the fruits of consistent repentance from their worldly ways. But what do I know? I get my views from an old book written before the foundation of the world. How handy!

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You recognize that some go too far in accepting satanic Feminism, but you fail to see where you do it. Perhaps my comments often seem over the top, because few go as far as I do to be a rock of offense to this adulterous and sinful generation. God will be ashamed of those who are ashamed of His words.

If preaching hellfire and brimstone is bitter, may I become even more so, to fill up the void where the fear of God is not taught. There is a reason Righteous God put the men in charge, it was for righteousness sake. Nor will they teach women shamefacedness like the early church did. You go on and on about how bad the church is and call me to repentance, but in many cases, we agree, yet not with your extreme views. And if a woman has an unbelieving husband and he is willing to live with her, she must not divorce him.

For the unbelieving husband is sanctified through his believing wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified through her believing husband. Otherwise, your children would be unclean, but now they are holy. But if the unbeliever leaves, let him go.

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The believing brother or sister is not bound in such cases. If she would not accept your leadership in her life then you were to live with her as peaceable as you could, not being her wallflower, but also shining Christ to her that she and the kids may be sanctified. You cannot make someone submissive, and even if your church had taught the Word properly on the matter of submission she would have found a way out if she is looking for it.

Hot off the press. This is a dirty little phrase that has slipped into evangelical culture like a silk pillow over the face. But it is bitter in the stomach, because it makes men subservient to those they are supposed to be leading. The insidiousness of servant leadership lies in its legitimacy as a term to describe the biblical role of men. A servant leader could be someone who serves others by leading them.

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The service is what he does, and the leadership is how he does it. This is an impeccably biblical understanding of leadership; kings are to uphold the cause of the needy and fatherless, for example—they serve those people who need their help by ruling them Exodus ff; Job 29; Proverbs ; ; Isaiah But evangelical servant leadership is not biblical servant leadership. In evangelicalism, a servant leader is not someone who serves others by rightly wielding the power delegated to him by God, so as to establish and maintain order.

Because evangelicalism has detached gender roles from the creation mandate and reduced them to their smallest atoms, it thinks the mission of a man is to lead, and therefore the method of doing that—what leadership looks like—must be service. No longer is leadership about exercising authority or power per se. Rather, since it is defined by servanthood, authority and power become defined by subservience. Ultimately he is out in front not because people should follow him, not because is directing their way, but so he can take the flak.

This turns biblical rulership on its head, even to the point that servant leadership becomes a kind of bizarre parody of vicarious atonement. Evangelicals know that leaders are responsible for those under their care; but a servant leader, being subservient, cannot exercise power over them.

What form does his responsibility then take? It must be the responsibility to make their lives easier, to carry their burdens, to make them happy, to suffer in their place.

Now certainly a biblical ruler should be willing to do these things when it is good for those under him. John That would be an exercise of authority and power over people! He is making them his doormat. He is being a little tyrant!

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If he will not work so that others can lounge about, then he is in dereliction of duty. If he will not sacrifice his own desires to authorize whatever alternative path will make his wife or his children or his congregation happier whether that path is right or not is really just a question of whether it will make them happier , then he is in dereliction of duty.

All he has left is servitude. Thus, whereas a biblical ruler is charged with making people holier by reordering their lives, a servant leader is charged with making people happier by reordering his. This is what we mean by servant leadership becoming a parody of vicarious atonement: when happiness becomes the goal, rather than holiness, and when a man wielding power is treated as automatically despotic—which it is under feminism—he can no longer direct those under him to put on Christ Romans ; Galatians — He can no longer bid them to cast their troubles on Christ 1 Peter ; Philippians Putting on Christ is hard and frequently discomforting.

Casting their cares on him requires faith rather than sight. If they are discomforted, clearly the servant leader is not doing his job; something is wrong; he should be taking that discomfort on himself. If they cannot see that everything is ok, he is failing to make everything ok. So the servant leader finds himself having to put on the troubles of those under him, becoming a kind of counterfeit Christ to them.

This is why we consider sexuality a central, gospel issue. We are not differing with egalitarians on some secondary doctrine.

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This is not a minor intramural dispute. It is not a matter of freedom of conscience.

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  • Denying father-rule, however you do it, is an attack on the gospel itself, because without the Father declaring that he is well-pleased with his Son, a Father who really rules in righteousness, who makes us his sons by adopting us through Jesus, and who orders his household in a hierarchy that reflects his authority—without a kingdom in other words—there is no gospel.

    A view of rulership that produces evangelical servant leaders also produces a gospel of feelings over facts. The gospel of feminism.

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    If you feel ashamed of the fact that God orders his household, and his world, through the rulership of fathers, then he is going to be ashamed of you at his coming Mark And if you refuse to exercise the authority he commands of you to build your own household, while still paying lip-service to his own authority and to building his household, the household of faith…then you are building on sand Luke ff.

    You should not expect to be ushered into a kingdom built on and ordered by the father-rule you despise. I respectfully point out that while such things do exist, they are still illegal, and not sanctioned by the laws or government of this country.