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Because of this, he thinks the New England vampires were based on the German Nachzehrer. Bell, however, believes anti-vampire practices in New England came from many places and that the suspected New England vampires were actually more akin to Romanian vampires than the Nachzehrer. Whatever the source of these beliefs in New England, they were driven by the same social concerns as those before them: a fear of disease and a desire to contain it. This 16th-century skull was buried in Venice, Italy, with a brick in its mouth. The brick was likely meant to prevent the person from leaving the grave to eat people.

During the vampire panic in New England, vampires were finding a new role in European books like The Vampyre , Carmilla , and Dracula , as well as in vampire-themed plays. Though drawn from folk legends and past vampire scares, these aristocratic, sexual vampires were more like the vampires we know today. In , Manchester told a TV news team that he planned to exercise the vampire on Friday the 13th. That night, hundreds of young people turned up at Highgate Cemetery to see him perform an exorcism which he ended up not doing. In the history of vampire legends, the Highgate incident is a modern phenomenon.

Want to know more about vampires, witches, and zombies? Read Caption. But for hundreds of years, they were scapegoats for disease.

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By Becky Little. Photograph courtesy National Geographic Television. It's a divergence from the usual gore and killing off main characters, but that somehow makes it feel more intelligent. Together, Thorn and Brand must travel the world, convince allies, and start a war. The Deed of Paksenarrion. The Paksenarrion trilogy introduces another female warrior lead, but that doesn't mean its protagonist is ordinary.

Paks doesn't start out a strong, brooding hero. She's not particularly intelligent, she doesn't question orders, she doesn't want children. It's loyalty that holds her together, and it's what eventually leads her to change. The pure scope of Moon's trilogy makes the number of books feel warranted, and that's partly thanks to the huge character development. It's not just a case of sheep farmer to paladin Paks changes right down to her very core.

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Her morality, psychology, and religion are all influenced by the events in the series, leaving a feeling of real change, rather than an afterthought. There's a sense of a classic chronicle to the book, a medieval world complete with elves and dwarves. It's high fantasy, but also very clearly an epic adventure. Its battle scenes are littered with Moon's experience as a marine, complete with gory scenes and the ambiguity of hero or tool.

A lot of novels on this list are either children's stories or young adult. While they make for great stories, there are some great coming of age stories that feature very mature content. Primarily, Phedre's Trilogy is a fantasy series. It features a medieval world in Terre d'Ange, a mirror of France. It's complete with angelic powers, myths, and warriors. It also contains some BDSM. In the hands of a novice writer, this could become a Fifty Shades sleaze-fest.

And though this is Carey's debut, she's far more subtle than that. Sexuality is tied into the very fabric of the world, feeling like an extension of it rather than being thrown in randomly. It's a fantasy book first, and a romance one second. Still, Carey realizes that the discovery of sex is an important role in coming of age.

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  • Naked in Daylight: Poems by Carol Adler.
  • The Air Force in Southeast Asia: Tactics and Techniques of Electronic Warfare - Electronic Countermeasures in the Air War Against North Vietnam 1965-1973 - Wild Weasel, Linebacker, B-52;

She doesn't linger on it unnecessarily, but it does tie naturally into the thread of the story. We follow Phedre from her roots as a courtesan, where a red mote in her eye makes her undesirable. However, it's more than just a blemish.

Legions Of The Dark Vampire Nations Chronicles Book 1

According to her new patron, it's a mark from the heavens. What follows is an education surpassing her humble beginning. She learns not just language and history but to observe and influence. It's a telling that's epic in scale, stretching across three large books as Phedre uses her knowledge to combat conspiracies and save the ones she loves. Her flawless writing skill brings something really special to the YA genre and won her Newbery Honor in McKinley's country of Damar takes readers away from the popular medieval setting and into a sandy world.

There's stunning detail here, not just in vivid description but the cultures of each group. When Harry is captured by the nomadic Hillfolk, things only get better. Finding she has kelar in her blood, she slowly comes to terms with her heritage and magical ability.

She quickly takes to the Hillfolk, feeling at home for the first time with the horses and language. But there's a war coming from the north, and Harry has a lot of growing up to do before she can face it. She learns to become unbeholden to the wills of others, control her kelar, and become a hero.

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While some of the books on this list offer a fresh take on the classics, Jim Butcher creates something entirely new. It began on a writer's workshop board during an argument, where he was challenged to write a book out of two central ideas the lost roman legion and Pokmon. Despite its source material, the result is surprisingly unique. Butcher details a world in which aggressive races are complemented by elemental creatures called furies.

Tavi from the rome-like Alera, and at fifteen years old he still can't furycraft. Butcher manages to flip expectations by creating a protagonist who doesn't come into great power. In fact, Tavi seems to be the only one without magic, and for once that makes things more interesting. As their next door neighbors prepare to declare war, Tavi has to rely on his wits to survive.

As the series progresses, he learns his lack of magic doesn't make him worthless, facing emotional turmoil and coming out a strong, well-trained man. Chronicles of Amber. The Amber Chronicles is a complex blend of genres and plot.

Bloodsucker: vampire legends around the world

It starts like a murder mystery, drawing the reader in, then it moves on to a mixture of sci-fi and fantasy. However, while Zelanzy's tension-building goes a long way, it's the character that keeps the reader invested throughout this ten book series. The book is from the perspective of Corwin, a hospitalized amnesiac trying to remember his true identity. We follow along as he tries to unravel his thoughts with the hard resourcefulness.

But then Corwin learns that he's not in his home world but has been banished to shadowland that is earth.

The Dark Tower Series

More than that, he has a claim to the throne, and his siblings are all too happy to kill him to take it. In an inspiring change, Zelazny details Corwin's growth as he comes to remember little details about himself and his personality changes as a result. It's a subtle beginning, opening to flood as he both realizes himself and is altered by the events of the series.

Throughout it all, he remains intensely lovable, human, and eloquent. The Chronicles of Prydain. Alexander's Wales-inspired epic fantasy offers little in the way of originality when compared to the novels of today. It's a simple tale of Taran, a pig farmer who has always wanted more, and gets more than he's bargained for.

But as is common in these stories, execution is the key, and this author has it down to a tee. The Chronicles of Prydain is an adventure novel at its core, detailing the fight and journey a band of heroes against evil. There are some incredibly strong characters, from half animals to princesses and soulless warriors. There's no Mary Sue characters in this book, each defined as much by their flaws as their weaknesses. But that doesn't mean they have no redeemable qualities, and many of their internal journeys are about finding those.

Despite this, none of them reach the depth of Taran, which is where Alexander's true mastery shows.

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  8. He manages to create a feeling of care for the character despite his clumsiness and irritability. Taran is not a stalwart warrior with no emotion, he's fragile and still learning. Still, he has such a strong presence that Alexander never has to describe his face. Every now and then, a book comes along that reinvigorates your love for a genre. They bring something new to the table unique ideas that prove innovation isn't dead.