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On the other hand, there is a lot of infrared light.

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This means that species adapted to life on Gliese Cc might use infrared vision instead of normal "visual spectrum" vision. If you haven't played with infrared vision, one of the best things about it is that your body, like all hot objects, emits infrared light. This means that hot objects like humans are extremely visible even in pitch blackness.

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It also means that you can use your own body as a lamp: objects near you will reflect your infrared light and you can see them with infrared goggles. Infrared can also pass through some barriers, including interior walls, so you would have limited "x-ray vision. This means that the inhabitants of Gliese Cc might be very sensitive to temperature, probably using subtle variations of it in the same way as we use colour.

Gliese 1132b - A New Awesome Earth Like Exoplanet

They may well keep their vehicles and habitations pitch black, since they don't need visible light to navigate. On the other hand, they might not care as much about "colour" in the way we do. Their spacecraft may be tasteless garish mixes of shades with no consistency, much as our spacecraft would be tasteless garish mixes of temperatures with no consistency. Infrared adaption is useful for cave-dwelling life, including artificial underground farming.

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The surface would always be more comfortable than underground, but people who became adapted to Gliese Cc might find it easy to go into tunnels or bunkers for long periods if they had to. Gliese Cc is also thought to be hot, a few degrees hotter than Earth, which means it may well not have polar ice caps or have them only seasonally, if it has seasons. Organisms which live in hot climates are normally small, in order to maximise their surface-area-to-mass ratio and allow them to cool down easily. Given that Gliese Cc is larger than earth, its gravity may be stronger, which would also encourage smaller organisms.

It would also encourage physical strength, possibly at the cost of quickness or endurance. Tragically, infrared is a poor method of spotting stars. A species which evolved on Gliese Cc might never have developed astronomy, and as a result may never have thought to explore the galaxy.

Small sturdy blind heat-sensing underground dwellers with no desire to fly: that sounds like fantasy Dwarves to me, but that might just be me. What else is in the system? There may be as many as seven planets orbiting Gliese C. The other planet we know exists Gliese Cb is too close to the star to be habitable for humans, but Gliese Ce and Cf are within the Goldilocks zone. The downside of them is that they may not exist: they haven't been confirmed by other studies and are thought to perhaps just be glitches in the data.

There may also be dwarf planets, asteroids, moons and other such things. Further out, there are the twin yellow stars of Gliese A and B. From the surface of Gliese Cc they'd be little bright pinpricks - unless you had infrared vision, of course, in which case they'd be little dim pinpricks. Nonetheless, they might have the same symbolic meaning to inhabitants of Gliese Cc that Earth's Moon has to us. Next Thread: The Death Star. Last edited: Apr 7, TheBeautifulVoid , Apr 5, Helpful x 55 Agree x Blog Entries: 0 Joined: Sep 7, Messages: 2. Excellent work.

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The point is that if individuals—you and I—can overcome the constant threat of harm posed by our neighbors by establishing a governing system, then maybe future species could get together and create some sort of cosmic governing system that could similarly guarantee peace by replacing anarchy with hierarchy. One reason is that for states to maintain law and order among their citizens, their various appendages—e. The question is, then, whether the appendages of a cosmic governing system could be sufficiently well-coordinated to respond to conflicts and make top-down decisions about how to respond to particular situations.

To put it differently: If conflict were to break out in some region of the universe, could the relevant governing authorities respond soon enough for it to matter, for it to make a difference?

Stellaris D-34: The Dark World

Probably not, because of the immense vastness of space. For example, consider again Epsilon Eridani b, Gliese b, and Gliese d. These are, respectively, And Gliese is relatively close as far as exoplanets go. Just consider that he Andromeda Galaxy is some 2. These facts make it look hopeless for a governing system to effectively coordinate law enforcement activities, judicial decisions, and so on, across cosmic distances. The universe is simply too big for a government to establish law and order in a top-down fashion.

But there is another strategy for achieving peace: Future civilizations could use a policy of deterrence to prevent other civilizations from launching first strikes. But could this work in the cosmopolitical realm of space?

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It seems unlikely. First, consider how many future species there could be: upwards of many billions. The point is that the sheer number would make it incredibly hard to determine who initiated a first strike, if one is attacked. Second, ponder the sorts of weapons that could become available to future spacefaring civilizations. Redirected asteroids a.