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I was nervous.

Claire Danes on Her Life-Changing Role in 'Homeland' - Marie Claire February Cover

I felt like, This is going to be a workout, and will I be able to sustain that? On realizing acting was her passion and pursuing it: "My parents really empathized with our desire to express ourselves and I was so forceful and sure and annoying about it. I really insisted. Interviewed at the time, she was aware of the downside.

How much is Claire Danes Worth?

Now I feel more different than I already did. She was willing to learn from them.

Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin & Cast on Season 7 - Homeland - SHOWTIME

She was very open. She was unsure whether she could make it or not.

Changing Styles: Claire Danes

It was an important question — she wants to know everything, all the details. It was on that film that Danes met her husband, British actor Hugh Dancy they now have a son. I needed to be socialised. I needed to learn how to hang the fuck out.

  1. Carrie Mathison.
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  5. Claire Danes Is Done With 'Homeland'.

There were parts, but mostly forgettable ones — supporting roles in films such as the Hours, and a foray into blockbusters in Terminator 3. During the piece, a video was played of Danes, barely clothed and crawling along East 10th Street and up the steps of the venue.

Claire Danes

The British director Mick Jackson remembers watching her work with Rogoff later. He says Danes invited Grandin to her apartment, and videoed their conversations. Every day on the set, she had the ear buds in — she was watching the video, how Temple moved, and listened to the voice. She got so totally into the part of Temple that it was scary. She was just totally up for everything — walking ankle-deep in cow manure, or rolling in it at one point.

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The Loudest Voice. Peter Quinn Saul Berenson. Carrie Mathison Played by Claire Danes. Claire Danes Claire Danes has established herself as one of Hollywood's leading actresses.

  1. Claire Danes profile: ‘She has intensity and immersion in the character’?
  2. Claire Danes!
  3. One of her earliest memories reveals her natural acting talent.
  4. The Career Highlights of Claire Danes: from Juliet to Carrie Mathison.
  5. Carrie Mathison.

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